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" I express

  Don't limit myself to a specific dance, concept

  Nor photographic method " 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, as a photographer, Lee Wai Leung specializes in dance photography. In 2017, he started to create works focusing mainly in ballet, modern dance and Chinese dance. Later in August the same year, he launched Worldwide Dancer Project and since then has collaborated with many professional dancers in Hong Kong and from around the world to create dance photography works. Lee has worked with noted dancers Rena Narumi from NDT1; Kyoko Watanabe, Principal Dancer of Star Dancers Ballet; Kanako Oki, Principal Dancer of The Tokyo Ballet. He is known for his distinct uniqueness in style and lighting technique.


In just a few years, Lee has collaborated with many major dance companies and dance schools in Hong Kong including Hong Kong Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Dance Company, School of Dance of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Studiodanz, Shanghai Dance Theatre, Shanghai Ballet Company and Star Dancers Ballet (Japan). He has participated in publicity shooting of Yuri Ng’s Requiem HK (2018); “2018 New Dance in Motion” series produced by Hong Kong Dance Alliance; WEARDANCE by Hong Kong Ballet and Fashion Farm Foundation.

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